Career day 09 Apr 16 – press release


Career day 09 Apr 16

Lemnos in action

Press Release

Shortly after six in the evening of Saturday April 9 successfully completed the career event organised by the “Lemnos in action” at Maroula.

The action was intended to assist in the guidance provided to schools by the servants of teachers so that students can acquire the necessary information on the complicated system of access to higher education, for the object of study of universities and technological institutes and on the trends in the labour market. The event began with the three-hour presentation by Mr. Nicholas School Advisor, Tax professional orientation of the company which Orientum unveiled new high school, the possibilities of parts and using audio-visual examples of successful business operations.

He managed to convince prospective students and their parents attended the event that you need to remove from their vocabulary the phrase “not done” and not stick to titles but to explore extensively the commercial rights that give schools wishing while he shared with them the triptych of success AISIODOXIA-FIX-FLEXIBILITY. The event ended with Mr. answering Tax questions crowd while four students gained by a company’s book, titled “PAME UNIVERSITY 2016, to draw that took place during the event.

“People in action” wish, above all, to warmly thank the teachers of secondary education:


who as sponsors contributed to the realisation of the event.

In addition, the “Lemnos en drasi” wish to please the PRAVLIS TRAVEL Agency for travel costs of event guest, the OEPA municipality of Lemnos for cinema theatre and volunteers for making trouble. Also wish good success to students competing in athletics this year the Pan-Hellenic exams. Limnos has need of qualified young people with available supply!!!

We remain at your disposal for any clarifications.

Lemnos in action

Photographs from the event.

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