What you want to know about the new ESPA which starts on 1st November


What branches will subsidised-Information for everyone interested – what does the Secretary

With 11 months late – but ultimately from 1 November-is expected to start the implementation of the four programs of ESPA 2014-2020, as confirming the Secretary for Espa, Alexis Charitsis, who spoke at newsbeast.gr.

Reportage: Panayiotis Efthimiadis-Giorgos Lambiris

"There is a process which followed. Gets the pre-publication, was put to public consultation and the normal call for four entrepreneurship programs, which will announce in the coming days to enable tenderers to submit their requests, will take place on 1 November. According to Mr Charitsi, "implementation of the programme has already started although some entechnws show has been delayed".

Official update within the next few days

He stresses that since August the Economy Ministry had issued the first preprints, which then withdrew "because we did not want to appear as campaign promises of SYRIZA. The preprints will epanadimosieythoyn within the week and chances are that within the next few days will give a press conference along with Minister of Economy, George Stathakis, in which we introduce new programs ".

Obstacles that brought delay

As Undersecretary for explains ESPA, Alexis ' relative Charitsis law was passed Christmas Eve 2014, but the vote has not been accompanied by the adoption of secondary legislation required for the implementation of the programmes. There were 33 different ministerial decisions-JMD-, which should be adopted in order to implement the law. Then should be convened the monitoring committees, which undertake the first specification of new programs and then issued the invitations. Monitoring committees betwen early summer and are now ready to edit the relevant invitations ".

It is expected the appointment of a new Secretary-General and Bod the company management programs

The question whether the process will affect the gap that appears in place of the Secretary-General and the NSRF KAU Sa (Management organisation unit of development programmes), which undertakes the implementation of programmes, responds that there will be no engagement.  "The definition of the new Secretary-General and the new Board of Directors the KAU will become in the coming days, "he notes.

Everything you need to know about new programs ESPA 2014-2020


1. How much money will be allocated to the new ESPA

The Community contribution is 19.7 billion. euro with possibility to increase by 2 billion. euro. It should be noted that these days there is debate in the Commission to change the words and deeds do not require national participation.

2. What branches will be subsidised?

  • Entrepreneurship-Innovation-Competitiveness.
  • Reform of the public.
  • Environment-Transport.
  • Education-Training-Employment.
  • Rural Development Programme.
  • Program for fisheries and the sea.

In the first area of entrepreneurship program targets on private initiative, while there will be aid and from the 13 regional programmes.

3. Which areas are considered eligible for a grant through the program ' competitiveness ' concerning the private initiative?


The areas that will receive these are research, innovation and information and communication technology, the agrodiatrofis and the food industry, energy production, supply chain and materials, the environmental industry and the creative industries (e.g. the Greek design) and the environment, tourism and health.

In more detail:

  • Tourism
  • Agro-food sector
  • Logistics
  • Environmental Industry
  • -Construction Materials
  • Drugs-Health
  • Production and energy saving
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Creative Industries-Culture
  • Export Enterprises
  • Certification (branding) agro-food Products
  • Start-ups by young people and women
  • Tourist Promotion
  • Energy Savings
  • Recycling-Waste Utilization
  • Innovation

What rural development programme

The rural development programme is EUR 5.2 billion. euro.

Emphasizes the support of agricultural products with comparative advantage and export status and investment to improve the efficiency and productivity of agro-food system and farm.

Provided business support for processing and marketing agricultural products.

The programs that starts the new ESPA

Business Graph

Upgrading existing micro and small enterprises by developing their skills in new markets.

The purpose of the programme is to strengthen existing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which operate in eight (8) strategic priority areas of the new NSRF 2014-2020: supply chain (Logistics), Agrodiatrofi/food industry, Cultural and creative industries (PDB), Materials/Structures, Energy, Environment, information and Communication Technologies ICT and health.

The total budget of the programme for the support of enterprises amounts to EUR 130 million. euro.

  • There are two circles with a budget of € 65 million notices. euro each.
  • Enhanced investment projects with a total budget of 20,000 € to 300.000 €.
  • The aid rate of investment projects shall be set at 50% of the total budget of the investment.
  • The realization of approved projects shall be eighteen (18) or twenty-four (24) months from the date of adoption of the decision.
  • There is possibility to advance up to 40% of the corresponding aid against an guarantee letter.


The program funds:

Building Facilities

Mechanical Modernization Procurement-transport and installation of machinery and other equipment: purchase of machinery and equipment that serves the business operations, buy other equipment (for example racks, Clarks, furniture, photocopiers, telephone exchanges), market of electronic-computer equipment (PCs, printers, etc.)

Rights expertise

Management systems certification and accreditation functions and Redesign products through technical organisational innovation, restructuring, redefinition of product/service evaluation design methodologies. Design, development and implementation of management systems

Technological Upgrade Costs

Software setup costs and staff training systems will procure the company 6-View Promotion Exploring possibilities for expansion into new markets or in markets abroad. View actions – promoting to markets goals, advertising expenses, participation in exhibitions, etc.

Consulting fees Technical and Advisory support/Guidance businesses will contribute to improve the organisation and productivity of enterprises, to support innovation and technological entrepreneurship and supporting the trend towards new markets

Staff Recruitment

Strengthening higher education Graduates of self-employment

The aim of this action is:

  • Strengthening higher education graduates, over 25 years, unemployed or self-employed for the pursuit of a professional activity related to their specialty.
  • The increase in employment by creating new jobs.

Beneficiaries: beneficiaries of the action Potential is higher education graduates, more than 25 years old, who at the time of application is:

  • unemployed registered in the registers of unemployed people of OAED when the request or
  • natural persons engaged in business activity, without paid employment relationship who will operate or operate professionally as sole proprietorships, in activity related to their specialty.

Sponsored budget: From 5,000 to 25,000 euros (100% aid).

Activities covered expenses: & professional activities to be financed from the indicative Programme shall be the following: Physician, dentist, veterinary surgeon, physiotherapist, biologist, psychologist, midwife, lawyer, architect, engineer, surveyor, chemical, agronomist, Geologist, Forester, wkeanografoy, designer, journalist, author, interpreter, guide, translator, teacher or tutor, artist sculptor or painter or cartoonist or engraver, actor, musician, dancer, choreographer, Director, set designer, costume designer, decorator, Economist, analyst, programmer, researcher or consultant enterprises , accountant or forotechni, an actuary, sociologist and social worker, etc.

Specifically, the eligible expenditure will relate to:

  • professional equipment.
  • operating costs (Professional space rentals, insurance contributions, expenses utilities).
  • outreach and networking costs.
  • cost of paid employment (in the case of recruitment of staff.)
  • third-party fees, General equipment.

Action budget: 50 million. euro, in 2 cycles of 25 million.

Aid Tourist Businesses to modernise and upgrade the quality of provided services

Modernization, quality upgrading and enrichment of our products and services existing micro and small enterprises, strategic priority sector of Tourism in order to improve their position in the domestic and international tourist market.

Beneficiaries: Existing micro and small businesses operating solely in the strategic sector of tourism.

Sponsored budget: from 30,000 euros to 300,000 euros.

Percentage: 50% of the total budget of the investment.

Eligible Actions:

  • Modernisation and quality of buildings and other infrastructure
  • Energy/water saving interventions
  • Interventions offered product enrichment with new services (extension to alternative forms, assistance for disabled, etc.)
  • Infrastructure and services certifications
  • Show-business promotion in target markets
  • Consulting Fees
  • Wage costs existing or new staff

The overall budget of the action shall be EUR 50 million. Euro (in 2 cycles 25 million. euro each).

Source: newsbeast.gr.

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